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Fringe Necklace
Statement necklace of metal with gross embellishments. Grove chain and fringes...
Metal star and tassel necklace
Silver statement necklace. Chunky chain with silver and blue tassels star embellishments and star pe..
Necklace with stone and tassel embellishment
Gold necklace with light green and gold stone and tassel embellishment. V-shape necklace...
Beaded tassel long necklace
Golden long necklace. It features a pendant with vintage embroidery and V-fringes with beads.With aj..
Black Choker Necklace flower design
Black choker designed with flowers. Made of polyester...
Black multichain necklace with gold details
Gold multichain necklace with black and gold details perfect for a casual outfit...
Black Seedbead Charm Pendant Necklace
Black seedbead necklacewith a gold chain and gold with black pendants...
Brown Fine Multi Chain Necklace With Feather Pendant
Brown necklace with multiple fine chains and feather detail. It presents details in gold that gives ..
Brown Longline Faux Leather Necklace With Fringes
Brown longline faux leather necklace with metalic details and fringes at the end with two colorful t..
Brown longline necklace with multiple chains and fringes and gold details
Multiple chain necklace in gold and brown tones with coins and a tassel detail at the end for a casu..
Flowers stone bib necklace
Short statement necklace from metal with a flower stone design. Very play full with our jumpsuit or ..
Fringe and feather pendant necklace
Brown statement necklace with suede lookand metal. Necklace is embellished with metal fringes suede ..
Gold multi chain necklace with leather details and orange beads
Longline gold and brown multichain necklace with orange beads and a brown tassel at the end...
gold necklace with colored details
Chain's collar with small pearls. Thin and adjustable chain withclasp..
Gold necklace with tassels and purple details
Gold longline necklace with black and purple details and tassels with an adjustable back...
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